Sidenote Ramblings pt. I

You know what would be a really good compliment to give someone? Being compared to the boot from WALL-E. I mean, everyone is after the boot. The Captain, WALL-E, EVE, the evil steering wheel AKA “AUTO” (yes, he want to destroy you, but maybe in this context it’s destroy you with affection? Think about that for a change.)  It’s like, everyone’s after you, so that’s … Continue reading Sidenote Ramblings pt. I

Bees in My Head pt. II

Mini Essay I: Wow, I love movies so much. I love Comedies and Action films and SciFi and everything in between. I love comedy movies so much, but especially these three genres. I don’t want to be a sap or anything, but She’s Out of My League is a fantastic movie. It’s the classic “Falling-apart guy meets a pretty girl who appreciates him for who … Continue reading Bees in My Head pt. II

Bees in My Head pt. I

Over many weeks, and especially as of recently, I have had unnecessarily ridiculous thoughts due to my lack of sleep and staying up late, so I thought I would share some. Would Evel Knievel’s successor be called Evel Twonievel Too Evil 2nievel: the Documentary Why have I heard people say “Mang” instead of “Man” Manga is cool too, I guess What if people were born … Continue reading Bees in My Head pt. I