I’m Matt, and I love watching movies. I have watched so many movies. I cannot emphasize how much I love movies. I like all movie genres, but I still have a childish affinity for liking comedy or action movies. Ever since I was young I have stayed up many nights watching movies, either rewatching my favorites, watching whatever sounded best on TV, watching the newest movies at the time, or just watching a recommendation from a friend. Though it was fun, staying up and watching movies, I have gotten even more tired over a the past few years from doing this. In addition to blogging about movies, I will also blog about the goofy ideas I have come up with over time because of my lack of sleep.


Some of my favorite movies are just the dumbest things you’ll ever see, but I love them. It’s like how people like The Three Stooges—it’s dumb, but in the way that tickles your funny bone just right. Right now, my favorite movie is probably Role Models with Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott, because it is just so funny to me the unusual scenario they get themselves into. Another movie I find amusing is The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. The plot isn’t that unique—rugged cop paired up with big city cop take on a big case—but the way they portray it is my favorite part. It takes place in Boston, so the general mood of the movie is that basically everyone is a jerk, and because of this, they create a very comedic scenario where characters end up in screaming matches over simple things, and yelling profound slurs at each other. My comedy preference is more dirty, like that of a standup comedian, and this is the main factor why I love these ridiculous movies.


I’m a very tired person. My friends say “you always say you’re tired” to me when I comment about my lack of sleep. Because of this, I have made many goofy misconceptions because I was “out of it” during a conversation. Sometimes I record my ridiculous thoughts, and sometimes when the pile up enough, I might post some of them. I don’t have too much to add about this because the spectrum of my sleep-deprived thoughts is pretty large, so you can wait to see just how tired I am.