Bees in My Head pt. VI

  1. I always untie one of my shoes with ease, but then the OTHER shoe has to go and become a Rubix Cube attached to my foot.
  2. People are out there, doing drugs, drinking, getting high, and I’m over here, still following the “one-two-three, save my apple tree” rule.
  3. My mom just texted me “Are you out of bed yet?” Oh, boy, does she have no clue.
  4. Do they have different kind of fries in Europe? I mean, they call french fries “chips,” and here in America we have “steak fries” and “curly fries” and “wavy fries”. Do they have “steak chips” and “curly chips” and “wavy chips”?
  5. I really want a cat named Jasper
  6. Hawkeye is literally the worst Avenger
  7. I hate when the lead singer of a band looks worse than you imagine them to be
  8. If it wasn’t for human error, sports wouldn’t be amusing to watch. If everyone carried everything through as they wanted it to be, it would be that everyone was as good as everyone else.
  9. Think of any number. Put 1 over that number in a fraction and that’s the fraction of how many numbers out of infinity that number can multiply into.
  10. What if everyone got a tattoo at a certain age and it was a number on the back of both of their hands. And the purpose is so that if you were handing something to someone you could check their hands first and if they steal your things, you could tell the police and they could check who stole it. Of course, it’s not a foolproof plan but it’s a good concept for the most part.
  11. I think the next Sprite commercial shouldn’t include a random spokesperson, but instead, should show the president of the United States with Sprite hooked up to him in an IV.
  12. And now a list of my favorite Australian slang words:Arvo – Afternoon
    1. Barney — fight
    2. Bathers – Swimsuit
    3. Billabong – A pond in a dry riverbed
    4. Bludger – Someone who’s lazy, generally also who relies on others
    5. Bodgey — kinda gross, not nice
    6. Brekky – Breakfast
    7. Brolly – Umbrella
    8. Cactus – Dead, Broken
    9. Choc A Bloc – Full
    10. Dunny — toilet
    11. Skip — trash can or just trash in general
    12. There’s more here
  13. And here is my current favorite picture:
    borzoi with crown

4 thoughts on “Bees in My Head pt. VI

  1. Thank you for, once again, letting us peek inside your brain to see what all of the commotion is all about! Again, I love this list! (I can tell you about #4: We only saw one kind of fry in London: chips. And they were often the thinner, shoestring fries as opposed to steak fries.)


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